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AM 170 U
Published: Oct 26, 2009
Family: 1
Cited: 1
Applicant: Arsen Avetisyan

AM 1402 A2
Published: Mar 17, 2004
Hardtack Preparing Method
Family: 1
Cited: 2
Applicant: Mkrtchjan Karlen

AP 1006 A Granted Patent
Published: Aug 29, 2001
"process For The Production Of 2h-1-benzopyrans."
Family: 30
Cited: 0
Applicant: Smithkline Beecham Plc

AP 1005 A Granted Patent
Published: Aug 6, 2001
A Bitumen-rubber Composition For Use In Asphalt Mixtures For Road Applications.
Family: 27
Cited: 0
Applicant: Shell Int Research

AP 1011 A Granted Patent
Published: Sep 22, 2001
Defective Recombinant Virus And Its Use For Treating Hyperproliferative Disorders, In Particular Restenosis.
Family: 22
Cited: 0
Applicant: Univ Case Western Reserve

AP 1013 A Granted Patent
Published: Sep 27, 2001
Metal Ligand Containing Bleaching Compositions.
Family: 58
Cited: 0

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Applicant: Univ Carnegie Mellon

AP 1009 A Granted Patent
Published: Sep 21, 2001
Substituted Benzenesulfonamide Derivatives As Products Of Cox-2 Inhibitors.
Family: 83
Cited: 0
Applicant: Searle & Co

AP 1016 A Granted Patent
Published: Oct 8, 2001
Pyrrolidinyl And Pyrrolinyl Ethylamine Compounds As Opioid Kappa Receptor Agonists.
Family: 61
Cited: 0
Applicant: Pfizer

AP 1019 A Granted Patent
Published: Oct 16, 2001
Inhibitors Of Serinre Proteases, Particularly Hepatitis C Virus Ns3 Protease.
Family: 70
Cited: 0
Applicant: Vertex Pharma

AP 1020 A Granted Patent
Published: Nov 1, 2001
Cans Or Groups Of Cans For Food Products With Hygenic Protection; Method And Apparatus Therefor.
Family: 24
Cited: 0
Applicant: Bantam Engineers Ltd