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Rna-guideded Transcriptional Regulation

Methods And Systems For Identifying Crispr/cas Off-target Sites

Crispr-based Methods And Products For Increasing Frataxin Levels And Uses Thereof

Engineering And Optimization Of Systems, Methods And Compositions For Sequence Manipulation With Functional Domains

Rna-guided Transcriptional Regulation

Engineering Of Systems, Methods And Optimized Guide Compositions For Sequence Manipulation

Engineered Crispr-cas9 Nucleases

Cell Lines For Screening Odorant And Aroma Receptors

  • Published: Dec 15, 2016
  • Family: 5
  • Cited: 0
  • Cites: 2
  • Additional Info: Cited Works Full text Published
  • Applicant: Firmenich & Cie, Jeong Hyo-young, Pfister Patrick, Rogers Matthew

T Cells Modified To Overexpress C-myb

Methods Of Producing T Cell Populations Using Prolyl Hydroxylase Domain-containing Protein Inhibitors

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