Pro-cyclic Dinucleotides And Pro-cyclic Dinucleotide Conjugates For Cytokine Induction

  • Published: Jul 4, 2019
  • Earliest Priority: Dec 29 2017
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The present invention provides a Pro-cyclic dinucleotide (Pro-CDN) comprising a STING agonist cyclic dinucleotide which is coupled to a linker system. The Pro-CDNs of the present invention can be metabolized at a targeted site into CDNs and exert their full immunomodulatory effects at said targeted site. The present invention also provides conjugates wherein a Pro-CDN is conjugated to a Biologically Active Molecule (BAM) such as e.g. a cytotoxic molecule, a lipid, a protein, a peptide, a nucleic acid, a sugar or a PRR ligand. The invention provides also methods related to the use of such compounds to perform their activities at their targeted sites, to exert cytotoxic, cytostatic or immunomodulatory effects, to treat or to prevent diseases such as cancers, immunological disorders or infections.


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