Novel Spike-in Oligonucleotides For Normalization Of Sequence Data


The invention relates to novel spike-in oligonucleotides specifically for use in normalization of small RNA sequence data. The invention specifically provides sets each comprising at least two subsets of single stranded nucleic acid molecules, each nucleic acid molecule comprising a 5´phosphate, a sequence of at least 3 randomized nucleotides, a core sequence of at least 8 core nucleotides containing at least one mismatch compared to a target sequence, a sequence of at least 3 randomized nucleotides, and a 3´modification, wherein each subset comprises a plurality of nucleic acid molecules having an identical core nucleotide sequence and different randomized nucleotides, and wherein the nucleic acid molecules of each subset differ in at least one nucleotide of the core nucleotide sequence and the generation of a library containing the sets. The invention also relates to reference values in nucleotide sequencing and a method for determining the amount of target sequences in a sample.

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  • Publication: Aug 2, 2018
  • Application: Jan 29, 2018
    WO EP 2018052127 W
  • Priority: Jan 30, 2017
    EP EP 17153689 A

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