Reduction Method Using Ruthenium Complex

  • Published: Jul 26, 2018
  • Earliest Priority: Jan 19 2017
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The purpose of the present invention is to provide a ruthenium complex which is capable of serving as a reduction catalyst that is applicable to an industrial production. According to the present invention, ketones, aldehydes, esters or amides are reduced, in the presence of a hydrogen donor and a base, with use of a ruthenium complex that is prepared from at least one compound selected from among compounds represented by formula (I) Ru(X1)(L1)m(Z1) (in formula (I), X1 represents an anionic group; Z1 represents a substituted or unsubstituted cyclopentadienyl group; L1 represents a neutral ligand; and m represents an integer of 1-3) and compounds represented by formula (II) [Ru(X2)(Z2)]n (in formula (II), X2 represents an anionic group; Z2 represents a substituted or unsubstituted cyclopentadienyl group; and n represents an integer of 2-4), and a compound represented by formula (III) A-B (in formula (III), A represents a group represented by formula (a1) or the like; and B represents a substituted or unsubstituted heterocyclyl group, provided that at least one atom adjacent to a ring atom bonded to A in the substituted or unsubstituted heterocyclyl group is a heteroatom or a carbene carbon atom).

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  • Publication: Jul 26, 2018
  • Application: Jan 17, 2018
    WO JP 2018001084 W
  • Priority: Jan 19, 2017
    JP 2017007132 A

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