Compounds And Method For Blocking Transmission Of Malarial Parasite


Disclosed are compounds of formula (I) and formula (II): (I) (II) wherein R1, R2, A, and B are as defined herein. Also disclosed is a method of blocking transmission of a Plasmodium parasite and a method of treating or preventing malaria comprising administering to an animal an effective amount of a first compound of formula (I) or (II) either alone or in combination with a second compound selected from elesclomol, NSC174938, NVP-AUY922, Maduramicin, Narasin, Alvespimycin, Omacetaxine, Thiram, Zinc pyrithione, Phanquinone, Bortezomib, Salinomycin sodium, Monensin sodium, Dipyrithione, Dicyclopentamethylene-thiuram disulfide, YM155, Withaferin A, Adriamycin, Romidepsin, AZD-1152-HQPA, CAY10581, Plicamycin, CUDC-101, Auranofin, Trametinib, GSK-458, Afatinib, and Panobinostat.


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