Preparation And Method For Producing A Preparation Comprising Mesenchymal Stem Cells

  • Published: Nov 28, 2013
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Preparation and method for producing a preparation or a tissue derivative comprising mesenchymal stem cells, to be used in cellular therapy, for cosmetic treatments, for replacing a tissue or an organ, or inducing or accelerating tissue repair or regeneration. Said method provides at least the following steps: - extraction (5) of tissue containing mesenchymal stem cells, such as adipose tissue, from a cadaveric donor by liposuction process or by surgical removal of parts of adipose tissue, - mechanical treatment (6) of said tissue, said tissue, such as the adipose tissue, being composed of a fluid component comprising an oily component, a blood component and/or sterile solutions and of a solid component comprising cell fragments, cells and one or more cell macro-agglomerates of heterogeneous sizes, and said mechanical treatment step (6) being provided for separating and removing the fluid component from the solid component, which step of mechanical treatment (6) separating and removing the fluid component from the solid component provides an emulsion of fluid components to be generated, by mechanical stirring.


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  • Publication: Nov 28, 2013
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