Device And Method For Continuous Biometric Recognition Based On Electrocardiographic Signals


The present invention is related with the field of signal measurement for biometric recognition purposes, and refers to a computational unit and a sensory unit designed to measure electrocardiographic (ECG) signals in a continuous fashion, guaranteeing that the biometric recognition is performed in an uninterrupted way whenever the device is used, with the purpose of enabling the automated recognition or validation of the identity of its wearer. The sensory unit has an electronic module through which the ECG is acquired. Its operating principle can be based in the electrical conductivity, in which case it requires contact with the skin of the user, or in any kind of capacitive or mechanical element, in which case it does not require any direct contact with the user. The device can be used in alternative or as a complement to existing systems that only perform a momentary identity check. It can be applied to vehicles, tablet computers or analogous contexts.

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  • Publication: Jul 25, 2013
  • Application: Jan 14, 2013
    WO PT 2013000002 W
  • Priority: Jan 19, 2012
    PT PT 10610212 A

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