Epigenetic Marker For The Identification Of Il17 Positive T Cells In Complex Samples


The present invention relates to a method, in particular an in vitro method for identifying IL- 17 expressing T cells in a blood and/or tissue sample derived from a mammal, comprising analysing the methylation status of at least one CpG position in the gene IL-17A, wherein a demethylation of said at least one CpG position in said sample when compared to an analogous position in a non IL-17 blood cell is indicative for a IL-17 positive CD4 positive T cell. The analyses according to the invention can identify IL-17 positive T cells and distinguish them from all other cells in complex samples, such as, for example, other blood cells. The present invention furthermore provides an improved method for quantifying IL-17 positive T cells in complex samples based on a comparison of the IL-17A methylation with a methylation of at least one marker selected from the group of CD3, FOXP3, and/or GAPDH. The method can be performed without a step of purifying and/or enriching cells, preferably in whole blood and/or non-trypsinized tissue.

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  • Publication: Apr 25, 2013
  • Application: Oct 18, 2012
    WO EP 2012070676 W
  • Priority: Oct 18, 2011
    GB GB 201117904 A

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