Method And System For Controlling Distortion In A Critical Frequency Band Of An Audio Signal


In some embodiments, a method and system for controlling distortion of the output of a miniature speaker by attenuating critical frequency band of the input signal to be reproduced, using tuning parameters that have been predetermined where the critical frequency band is a frequency range of the speaker's frequency response in which Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) peaks. The distortion control is performed in a manner which allows an increase in the average loudness of the speaker's output without significantly increasing distortion. The tuning parameters include a center frequency and a bandwidth of the critical frequency band, and a power threshold value. In some embodiments, the system is a loudness maximizer configured to limit distortion of a speaker's output by limiting distortion in a critical frequency band using predetermined control parameters, and limit the dynamic range of the output signal and increase its perceived overall average loudness level.

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