Sensing Apparatus For Sensing A Movement

  • Published: Dec 30, 2009
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The invention relates to a sensing apparatus for sensing movements of at least two parts (5, 6) of an object (7), wherein the sensing apparatus (1) comprises a movement determination unit (10) for determining whether the at least two parts (5, 6) belong to the same object (7) and for determining the movements of the at least two parts (5, 6). The sensing apparatus further comprises a movement comparison unit (9) for comparing the movements of the at least two parts (5, 6), wherein the movement comparison unit (9) is adapted for applying a similarity measure to the movements of the at least two parts (5, 6) and for determining whether the movements of the at least two parts (5, 6) are similar with respect to the similarity measure.

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Document History
  • Publication: Dec 30, 2009
  • Application: Jun 22, 2009
    WO IB 2009052664 W
  • Priority: Jun 27, 2008
    EP EP 08104561 A

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