Methods For Inhibiting Six 1 And Eya Proteins

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3 September 2009 (03.09.2009)
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(57) Abstract: In some aspects, the invention provides a method of inhibiting interaction of Sixl with Eya2 comprising contacting a cell expressing Sixl and Eya2 with an agent that inhibits binding of Sixl to Eya2 or an agent that inhibits the phostphatase ac t iv i ty of Eya2 on Sixl. In other apsects, the invention provides a method of treating cancer in a subject comprising administering to said subject an effective amount of an agent that inhibits Sixl interaction with Eya2 or an agent that inhibits the phostphatase a c tivity of Eya2 on Sixl. In some embodiments, the invention further provides for the administration of a second cancer therapy t o the patient. In still further aspects, the invention provides a method of identifying a candidate anti-cancer agent. The candidate in hibitor may b e a nucleic acid, a protein, a peptide or a small molecule.




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14, 15, 32-35

Further documents are listed in the continuation of Box C
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