Cosmetic Or Pharmaceutical Composition For Topical Application

  • Published: Apr 9, 2009
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Described is a cosmetic or pharmaceutical composition for topical application, comprising a hydrophilic external phase, at least one cosmetic and/or pharmaceutical agent, and at least one carrier substance for the agent. The carrier substance forms structures encompassing at least two lamellar double-membrane layers that are arranged on top of one another in a sandwich-type manner, and a layer of an internal phase is disposed between adjacent parallel double-membrane layers. The agent is distributed within the double-membrane layer and within the layer of the internal phase in such a way that the layer of the internal phase contains 2 to 98 percent by weight of the agent, and the double-membrane layer contains 98 to 2 percent by weight of the agent, the percentages being in relation to the total concentration of the agent, while the external phase contains no or nearly no agent.

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