Methods And Apparatus For The Evaluation And Improvement Of Mechanical And Thermal Properties Of Cnt/cnf Arrays

  • Published: Sep 18, 2008
  • Earliest Priority: Oct 24 2006
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A method and apparatus for the evaluation and improvement of the mechanical and thermal properties of carbon-nanotube (CNT) and carbon nanofiber (CNF) arrays grown on a substrate is disclosed. The Young's modulus of a CNT/CNF material is measured by applying an axial compressive force on the CNT/CNF array and measuring the applied forces and the induced displacements. Also disclosed are the evaluation of the nonlinear stress-strain relationship of the CNT/CNF material, increasing of the Young's modulus and decreasing the thermal resistance by application of a compressive load, the application of rapid thermal annealing to improve the quality of the CNT/CNF material and to reduce the interfacial thermal resistance, improvement of the bonding strength of the CNT/CNF array to a substrate, evaluation of the bonding strength of the CNT/CNF array to a substrate, evaluation of the shearing force at failure, and an analytical stress model that enables one to predict the interfacial shearing stress from, the measured force.

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  • Publication: Sep 18, 2008
  • Application: Jun 11, 2007
    WO US 2007/0070899 W
  • Priority: Dec 29, 2006
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  • Priority: Oct 24, 2006
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