Pathogenic Protein


A method of identifying an agent which modulates at least one activity or function of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis protein Rv3574 or an orthologue thereof from another actinomycete, the method comprising providing Rv3574 or the orthologue thereof, providing double stranded DNA (dsDNA) comprising the sequence X<SUB>1</SUB>X<SUB>2</SUB>X<SUB>3</SUB>AACX<SUB>4</SUB>X<SUB>5</SUB>GTX<SUB>6</SUB>X<SUB>7</SUB>X<SUB>8</SUB>X<SUB>9</SUB> (SEQ ID No: 2) under conditions which allow the Rv3574 or the orthologue to bind to the dsDNA, providing a test agent, and determining whether the test agent modulates at least one activity or function of the M. tuberculosis Rv3574 or the orthologue thereof.


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