Ferrocenyl Boronic Acid Based Sensor For Fluoride And Cyanide


The present invention relates to detectors for detecting fluorine containing compounds and/or cyanide containing compounds, including hydrogen fluoride (HF) or HCN gas, hydrofluoric acid in solution, selected chemical warfare agents, selected industrial chemicals which may be hydrolysed to release HF or HCN gas, compounds containing a cyanide group, and compounds that can release HF or HCN. The detectors comprise i) an organometallic component containing at least one bis-substituted boryl group of the formula B(R<SUP>B</SUP>)(R<SUP>B'</SUP>), wherein each R<SUP>B</SUP> and each R<SUP>B'</SUP> is independently selected from H, halogen, C<SUB>1-6</SUB> alkyl, OR<SUP>6</SUP>, N(R<SUP>6</SUP>)(R<SUP>7</SUP>), SR<SUP>6</SUP>, C<SUB>3-20</SUB> aryl or heteroaryl, and C<SUB>3-20</SUB> cycloalkyl or heterocycloalkyl groups, each of which may be optionally substituted, ii) a Lewis base component, and iii) a solid matrix component. The invention also relates to novel organometallic compounds containing at least one bis-substituted boryl group and their use in detectors for fluorine containing compounds and/or cyanide containing compounds.


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