Methods For Use Of An Lkb1/strad7mo25 Complex


A method for identifying a compound for use in modulating, for example promoting, the activation or phosphorylation of AMPK (AMP-activated protein kinase) or AMPK subfamily member in a cell, the method comprising the steps of (1) determining whether a test compound modulates, for example promotes, the protein kinase activity of LKB1 and (2) selecting a compound which modulates, for example promotes, the protein kinase activity of LKB1. The protein kinase activity may be tested using AMPK or an AMPK subfamily member, or a peptide encompassing the T-loop region of AMPK or an AMPK subfamily member. The LKB1 may be in a preparation or complex with STRAD and/or MO25, which has much greater kinase activity than LKB1 in the absence of these accessory proteins. The LKB1, STRAD or MO25 may be recombinant. The AMPK subfamily member may be AMPKalphal, AMPKalpha2, NUAK1, NUAK2, BRSK1, BRSK2, SIK, QIK, QSK, MARK1, MARK2, MARK3, MARK4 or MELK.


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  • Publication: Jun 30, 2005
  • Application: Jul 16, 2004
    WO GB 2004003096 W
  • Priority: Dec 20, 2003
    GB GB 0330078 A
  • Priority: Jul 17, 2003
    GB GB 0316725 A

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