Multiple Description Hinting And Switching For Adaptive Media Services

  • Published: Dec 16, 2004
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A system (101) and method (101, 201, 301) for streaming data over a communications network (400) with varying streaming conditions, include a conditioning unit (100) for conditioning the data by creating a plurality of representations, a packaging unit (200) responsive to the conditioning unit for packaging (201) the plurality of conditioned data representations, a media server (300) responsive to the packaging means for observing at Ieast one current streaming condition and selecting a most appropriate packaged conditioned data representation in accordance with the observed at Ieast one current streaming condition, and a communications network (400) responsive to the media server for streaming (301) the selected packaged conditioned data representation.


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  • Publication: Dec 16, 2004
  • Application: Mar 8, 2004
    WO US 2004/0006963 W
  • Priority: Apr 3, 2003
    US US 40671503 A

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