Animal Model For Inflammatory Bowel Disease

  • Published: Aug 26, 2004
  • Earliest Priority: Feb 11 2003
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The present invention relates to an animal model for inflammatory bowel disease. The model is based on a mammal not expressing a functional mdrla gene product, or wherein the mdrla gene product is inhibited, which develops inflammatory bowel disease when subjected to elevated chlorine concentrations, e.g. given chlorinated drinking water. More specifically, the mammal is a transgenic mouse lacking mdrla.. Also included in the invention are methods of screening for compounds useful for the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease, as well as methods to identify, for example, new targets for new compounds for the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease.


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  • Publication: Aug 26, 2004
  • Application: Feb 3, 2004
    WO IB 2004000312 W
  • Priority: Feb 11, 2003
    GB GB 0303085 A

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