Deposition Of Tungsten Silicide Films

  • Published: Nov 7, 2002
  • Earliest Priority: May 02 2001
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A method of forming tungsten silicide (WSix) films is provided. The tungsten silicide (WSix) film is formed by reacting a tungsten source with a silicon source. After the tungsten silicide (WSix) film is formed, it is spike annealed to reduce the resistivity of the as-deposited film. The spike annealed tungsten silicide (WSix) layer has a resistivity less than about 60 mu OMEGA -cm.

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  • Publication: Nov 7, 2002
  • Application: Apr 25, 2002
    WO US 0213172 W
  • Priority: May 2, 2001
    US US 84787101 A

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