Carcinostatic Agents Or Antiviral Agents Containing Irg27 Protein Or Gene


Carcinostatic agents or antiviral agents containing, as the active ingredient, nucleic acids encoding polypeptides which show one of the characteristics of (a) production being induced by the variation and/or deletion in p53, (b) production being induced by a cytokine inhibiting cell proliferation and (c) production being induced by differentiation, and have another characteristic of (d) showing an increase in production in cancer tissues; an IRG27 protein expression inducer and a method of screening the same; cancer cell proliferation inhibitors and carcinostatic agents or antiviral agents containing the above inducer as the active ingredient; a promoter DNA of IRG27; a method of screening an IRG27 protein expression inducer with the use of the expression of a marker under the regulation by the above DNA; remedies for cancer or viral infection containing the IRG27 DNA as the active ingredient; and a method of treating or preventing cancer or viral infection characterized by administering a therapeutically effective amount of the above nucleic acids to an individual. Thus, it becomes possible to apply the above nucleic acids to the treatment or prevention of cancer or viral infection.


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