A Method For Making An Hiv Vaccine


A method of identifying at least one CTL-inducing epitope from HIV protein is disclosed. In one embodiment, the method comprises the steps of (a) examining the nucleic acid sequence encoding at least one HIV protein from at least one HIV-infected patient, wherein the sequence encoding the expressed protein is examined in the first six months after infection, to identify at least one region of the HIV protein that is variable as compared to the sequence of the protein at an earlier time point in infection, wherein the variable region indicates a CTL-inducing epitope, and (b) confirming that an immune response directed against the CTL-inducing epitope is capable of selecting for viral escape variants during the acute or periacute phase of HIV infection is of high avidity.


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  • Publication: Apr 4, 2002
  • Application: Apr 9, 2001
    WO US 0111502 W
  • Priority: Apr 12, 2000
    US US 19641200 P

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