Novel Nucleic Acid Molecules

  • Published: May 17, 2001
  • Earliest Priority: Nov 05 1999
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The present invention relates to a novel nucleic acid molecule encoding an amino acid sequence, which is capable of forming a cyclic structure. Cyclization may occur within a cell or cell membrane, or linear forms of the molecules may be circularised or partially circularised, <i>in vitro</i> using isolated enzyme systems or chemical means. The cyclised amino acid sequence is generally in the form of a stabilized folded structure such as a cyclic knotted peptide, polypeptide or protein or functional equivalent. The nucleic acid molecules and cyclic and linear peptides are useful <i>inter alia</i> in the generation of molecules having animal or plant therapeutic properties, as well as in a range of diagnostic, industrial and agricultural, including horticultural, applications. Of particular importance is the use of these molecules in the protection of plants, such as crop plants, from pest and/or pathogen infestation.


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