Alcohol Reduction Of Beverages

  • Published: Feb 22, 1990
  • Earliest Priority: Aug 04 1988
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The invention provides devices for decreasing the ethanol content of wines and beers, methods using the devices, containers in association with the devices and alcohol-free and low-alcohol wines and beers produced using these devices and methods. The devices comprise an immobilised reagent which binds and/or chemically converts the ethanol. The reagent can be an antibody or an enzyme such as alcohol dehydrogenase, a microsomal ethanol oxidation enzyme system or catalase. Where enzymes are used the devices can also have immobilising components such as haemoglobin, albumin or polylysine to mop up an enzymic reaction product such as aldehyde.

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  • Publication: Feb 22, 1990
  • Application: Aug 3, 1989
    WO GB 8900888 W
  • Priority: Nov 24, 1988
    GB GB 8827448 A
  • Priority: Aug 4, 1988
    GB GB 8818570 A

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