Nerve Cuff With Pocket For Leadless Stimulator


An extravascular nerve cuff that is configured to hold a leadless, integral, implantable microstimulator. The nerve cuff may include a cuff body having a pocket or pouch for removably receiving the implantable device within. The nerve cuff can be secured around the nerve such that the electrodes of the device are stably positioned relative to the nerve. Furthermore, the nerve cuff drives the majority of the current from the stimulation device into the nerve, while shielding surrounding tissues from unwanted stimulation.

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  • Publication: Jul 11, 2017
  • Application: Nov 3, 2015
    US US 201514931711 A
  • Priority: Nov 3, 2015
    US US 201514931711 A
  • Priority: Nov 7, 2014
    US US 201414536461 A
  • Priority: Jun 9, 2010
    US US 79745210 A
  • Priority: Jun 9, 2009
    US US 18549409 P

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