Process For Producing A Mixture And Also Use Of The Mixture Containing Buckwheat

  • Published: Apr 8, 2014
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A process for preparing a mixture based on buckwheat is described, comprising preparing shelled buckwheat kernels and heating the buckwheat kernels to obtain preroasted buckwheat kernels; adding edible oil to the preroasted buckwheat kernels while continuing the roasting so that the edible oil is added to the preroasted buckwheat kernels in an amount sufficient that the surface of the buckwheat kernels are completely wetted by the edible oil, and continuing the roasting until the buckwheat kernels develop a golden-yellow coloration due to absorption of oil and the roasting; spraying a liquid solution containing salt, sugar or at least one flavoring to the oil and roasted buckwheat kernels so that the oiled and roasted buckwheat kernels are wetted at the surface with the solution containing the salt, sugar or flavoring; and continuing the roasting to evaporate the liquid to obtain the mixture of roasted buckwheat kernels containing salt, sugar or at least one flavoring.

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  • Publication: Apr 8, 2014
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