Method For Recovering Target Speech Based On Speech Segment Detection Under A Stationary Noise


Method for recovering target speech by extracting signal components falling in a speech segment, which is determined based on separated signals obtained through the Independent Component Analysis, thereby minimizing the residual noise in the recovered target speech. The present method comprises: the first step of receiving target speech emitted from a sound source and a noise emitted from another sound source and extracting estimated spectra Y* corresponding to the target speech by use of the Independent Component Analysis; the second step of separating from the estimated spectra Y* an estimated spectrum series group y* in which the noise is removed by applying separation judgment criteria based on the kurtosis of the amplitude distribution of each of estimated spectrum series in Y*; the third step of detecting a speech segment and a noise segment of the total sum F of all the estimated spectrum series in y* by applying detection judgment criteria based on a predetermined threshold value T that is determined by the maximum value of F; and the fourth step of extracting components falling in the speech segment from the estimated spectra Y* to generate a recovered spectrum group of the target speech for recovering the target speech.

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  • Publication: May 12, 2009
  • Application: Aug 31, 2004
    US US 57080804 A
  • Priority: Aug 31, 2004
    JP 2004012899 W

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