Cationic Lipid Compositions Targeting Angiogenic Endothelial Cells


Angiogenic endothelial cells are selectively targeted with lipid/DNA complexes or cationic liposomes containing a substance which affects the targeted cells by inhibiting or promoting their growth. A site of angiogenesis can be precisely located by administering cationic liposomes containing a detectable label. The complexes may comprise nucleotide constructs which are comprised of promoters which are selectively and exclusively activated in the environment of an angiogenic endothelial cell.

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  • Publication: Feb 24, 2009
  • Application: Nov 22, 2002
    US US 30237402 A
  • Priority: Nov 22, 2002
    US US 30237402 A
  • Priority: Nov 14, 2001
    US US 428601 A
  • Priority: Oct 29, 1999
    US US 43006599 A
  • Priority: Jul 31, 1998
    US US 12717798 A
  • Priority: Mar 12, 1997
    US US 82033797 A

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