Systems And Methods To Quantify And Amplify Both Signaling Probes For Cdna Chips And Genes Expression Microarrays


The invention provides a series of reagent compositions and methods for making and amplifying novel cDNA based probe sets from RNA samples to improve analysis with gene expression arrays. The methods globally produce probe sets with common universal linkers at one or both ends, called WRAP-Probes, wherein the linkers do not bind to the target sequences and they can efficiently bind added reporters to the probes. The universal linkers are also designed as primer binding sites for copying and amplifying the probes, either linearly with one linker, or exponentially with double linkers. The capacity to globally and exponentially amplify the probe set by PCR is a primary advantage. Adding reporters by terminal linkers also improves quantification since each probe gets equivalent signaling. The invention allows expression analysis of small research, clinical and forensic samples to enable improved diagnostics, drug discovery, therapeutic monitoring, and medical, agricultural and general research.

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  • Publication: Jan 27, 2009
  • Application: Mar 17, 2003
    US US 38059603 A
  • Priority: Mar 17, 2003
    US US 38059603 A
  • Priority: Mar 9, 2001
    US US 0107508 W
  • Priority: Jan 16, 2001
    US US 74409701 A
  • Priority: Mar 9, 2000
    US US 18798200 P

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