A method and apparatus are disclosed for providing additional information, such as advertisements, to a client device via the response signal to an application (or web) server request. A client device is in communication with a server device, and sends a request for information to the server via a network connection. A device is associated with the network connection that detects and analyzes the signals being exchanged. The device would likely be associated with a point-of-presence to an Internet connection, for an ISP or the like. The associated device sends an appropriately timed reset signal to the server device that prevents the server device from further responding to signals subsequently received from the client device. The associated device sends, in response to the web server request, a response signal to the client device. The response signal provides additional information, along with the originally requested web server material. The additional information, along with the originally requested server materials, might then be displayed in appropriate windows or frames on a client browser. The additional information can be made to reside on a separate server. The associated device might also be used to revoke requests made to certain types of web servers, with a revocation response being provided, or a re-direction being provided to a site containing revocation information.

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  • Publication: Aug 28, 2007
  • Application: Sep 15, 1999
    US US 39749199 A
  • Priority: Sep 15, 1999
    US US 39749199 A

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