Growth Stimulation Of Biological Cells And Tissue By Electromagnetic Fields And Uses Thereof

  • Published: Jan 6, 2004
  • Earliest Priority: Jun 02 2000
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The present invention provides systems for growing two or three dimensional mammalian cells within a culture medium facilitated by an electromagnetic field, and preferably, a time varying electromagnetic field. The cells and culture medium are contained within a fixed or rotating culture vessel, and the electromagnetic field is emitted from at least one electrode. In one embodiment, the electrode is spaced from the vessel. The invention further provides methods to promote neural tissue regeneration by means of culturing the neural cells in the claimed system. In one embodiment, neuronal cells are grown within longitudinally extending tissue strands extending axially along and within electrodes comprising electrically conductive channels or guides through which a time varying electrical current is conducted, the conductive channels being positioned within a culture medium.

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  • Publication: Jan 6, 2004
  • Application: Feb 28, 2001
    US US 79885401 A
  • Priority: Feb 28, 2001
    US US 79885401 A
  • Priority: Jun 2, 2000
    US US 58702800 A

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