Methods For Treatment Of Periodontal Diseases And Lesions Using Bone Morphogenetic Proteins


Methods and compositions are provided for the treatment of periodontal disease and bone lesions. Preferred methods comprise administering a composition containing one or more osteogenic and/or ligament-inducing bone morphogenetic protein and a suitable carrier. The method results in the regeneration of alveolar bone in both a vertical and horizontal direction, and can result in the regeneration of bone, cementum and ligamentous structure between said regenerated bone and the tooth root surface, such that minimal ankylosis and root resorption results. The method and composition are useful for the repair of supraalveolar periodontal lesions and defects, mandibular and maxillary class II and III furcations and interproximal defects, and augmentation of the alveolar ridge of these structures.

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  • Publication: Sep 16, 2003
  • Application: Jan 27, 1995
    US US 37981395 A
  • Priority: Jan 27, 1995
    US US 37981395 A
  • Priority: Mar 8, 1994
    US US 20872294 A

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