Eye Treatments Using Synthetic Thyroid Hormone Compositions


The present invention involves the discovery that synthetic thyroid hormones can be used as compositions to reduce intraocular pressure in vivo. Methods of screening synthetic thyroid hormones for effect on intraocular pressure, aqueous pressure, hydraulic conductivity, hyaluronic acid secretion, and extracellular matrix assembly are provided. Methods of treating glaucoma and treating excess intraocular pressure with synthetic thyroid hormones and compositions therefore are also provided.

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  • Publication: Apr 29, 2003
  • Application: Aug 10, 1999
    US US 37159299 A
  • Priority: Aug 10, 1999
    US US 37159299 A
  • Priority: Aug 20, 1997
    US US 91523297 A
  • Priority: Aug 20, 1996
    US US 2369796 P

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