Process For Preparing 2-oxindoles And N-hydroxy-2-oxindoles

  • Published: Oct 22, 2002
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The present invention provides a processes, having practical utility, for preparing 2-oxindoles, N-hydroxy-2-oxindoles, or mixtures thereof comprising: catalytically hydrogenating a 2-nitroarylmalonate diester to produce a 2-(N-hydroxyamino)arylmalonate diester, a 2-aminoarylmalonate diester, or mixtures thereof as a first reaction intermediate; cyclizing, by intramolecular aminolysis of one ester group, the first reaction intermediate to produce a N-hydroxy-2-oxindole-3-carboxylate ester, 2-oxindole-3-carboxylate ester, or mixtures thereof as a second reaction intermediate; and hydrolyzing and decarboxylating the remaining ester group of the second reaction intermediate to produce the N-hydroxy-2-oxindole, the 2-oxindole, or mixtures thereof, wherein the cyclization reaction and the hydrolysis and decarboxylation reaction are conducted in situ with the catalytic hydrogenation reaction without isolation of said reaction intermediates.

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  • Publication: Oct 22, 2002
  • Application: Jan 30, 1995
    US US 38076595 A
  • Priority: Jan 30, 1995
    US US 38076595 A

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