Recombinant Alphavirus-based Vectors With Reduced Inhibition Of Cellular Macromolecular Synthesis


Isolated nucleic acid molecules are disclosed, comprising an alphavirus nonstructural protein gene which, when operably incorporated into a recombinant alphavirus particle, eukaryotic layered vector initiation system, or RNA vector replicon, has a reduced level of vector-specific RNA synthesis, as compared to wild-type, and the same or greater level of proteins encoded by RNA transcribed from the viral junction region promoter, as compared to a wild-type recombinant alphavirus particle. Also disclosed are RNA vector replicons, alphavirus vector constructs, and eukaryotic layered vector initiation systems which contain the above-identified nucleic acid molecules.

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  • Publication: Oct 1, 2002
  • Application: Oct 8, 1999
    US US 41586899 A
  • Priority: Oct 8, 1999
    US US 41586899 A
  • Priority: Oct 6, 1997
    US US 94464597 A
  • Priority: Apr 4, 1997
    US US 83314897 A
  • Priority: Jul 12, 1996
    US US 67964096 A
  • Priority: Jun 24, 1996
    US US 66895396 A
  • Priority: Apr 5, 1996
    US US 62859496 A

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