Methods Of Making Hiv-protease Inhibitors And Intermediates For Making Hiv-protease Inhibitors


HIV protease inhibitors inhibit or block the biological activity of the HIV protease enzyme, causing the replication of the HIV virus to terminate. These compounds can be prepared by the novel methods of the present invention using the novel inventive intermediates.

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  • Publication: Nov 13, 2001
  • Application: Jul 21, 2000
    US US 62168100 A
  • Priority: Jul 21, 2000
    US US 62168100 A
  • Priority: Feb 19, 1999
    US US 25280299 A
  • Priority: Sep 5, 1997
    US US 92394797 A
  • Priority: Sep 5, 1996
    US US 2551596 P

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