Neural Regeneration Using Human Bone Morphogenetic Proteins


Methods and devices are disclosed for inducing growth of neural cells, and repairing neural defects in a mammal. The method comprises administering to said mammal at the site of neural defect, damage or depletion, an effective amount of a bone morphogenetic protein, either in admixture with a pharmaceutically acceptable vehicle, or adsorbed to a suitable matrix. The device comprises bone morphogenetic protein, optionally in combination with other factors, adsorbed on a suitable matrix and contained within an artificial nerve replacement vessel.

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Document History
  • Publication: May 26, 1998
  • Application: May 5, 1995
    US US 43512095 A
  • Priority: May 5, 1995
    US US 43512095 A
  • Priority: Aug 26, 1993
    US US 11249293 A

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