Method And Means For Somatostatin Protein Conjugate Expression


The Specification discloses: 1. Recombinant microbial cloning vehicles comprising heterologous DNA coding for the expression of mammalian hormone (e.g., somatostatin) and other polypeptides, including plasmids suited for the transformation of bacterial hosts. The latter incorporate a regulon homologous to the host in its untransformed state, in reading phase with the structural gene for the heterologous DNA; 2. Cloning vehicles coding for the microbial expression of a protein variously comprising (a) a polypeptide hapten and additional protein sufficient in size to confer immunogenicity on the product of expression, which may find use in raising antibodies to the hapten for assay use or in the manufacture of vaccines; and (b) a desired polypeptide product and additional protein from which the desired product may be cleaved; and 3. Methods of preparing synthetic structural genes coding for the expression of mammalian polypeptides in microbial cloning systems.

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  • Publication: Jan 7, 1986
  • Application: Jul 30, 1982
    US US 40367682 A
  • Priority: Jul 30, 1982
    US US 40367682 A
  • Priority: Nov 5, 1979
    US US 9098079 A

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