Neurodegenerative Therapies


The present invention provides a compound of formula (I) wherein: Y represents a C or N atom which may be substituted or form a cyclic group with R'" but may not be a quaternary C atom; R' is -OR1, -CONH2, -CF3, F, -OH, -NO2, -CN or -OCOR1 in which R1, is C1-3 alkyl and each may be in the beta or gamma position; R" is C1-3 alkyl or H; and R'" is H or a group consisting of 1-12 non-hydrogen atoms and may be linear, branched and/or incorporate one or more cyclic groups, cyclic groups may be aromatic and/or heterocyclic and 2 or more cyclic groups may be linked or fused and each may be substituted; or a salt, hydrate or solvate of a compound of formula (I) for use in the treatment or prevention of a neurodegenerative disorder by inhibiting formation of neurofibrillary (tau) tangles and/or by inhibiting Dyrk 1A. The invention further relates to non-therapeutic uses of these compounds.

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  • Publication: Jan 12, 2017
  • Application: Feb 4, 2015
    US US 201515116296 A
  • Priority: Feb 4, 2015
    EP EP 2015052330 W
  • Priority: Feb 4, 2014
    GB GB 201401886 A

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