Differential Amplifier With Active Post-distortion Linearization

  • Published: Oct 4, 2007
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A differential amplifier, which has good linearity and noise performance, includes a first side that includes first, second, third, and fourth transistors and an inductor. The first and second transistors are coupled as a first cascode pair, and the third and fourth transistors are coupled as a second cascode pair. The third transistor has its gate coupled to the source of the second transistor, and the fourth transistor has its drain coupled to the drain of the second transistor. The first transistor provides signal amplification. The second transistor provides load isolation and generates an intermediate signal for the third transistor. The third transistor generates distortion components used to cancel third order distortion component generated by the first transistor. The inductor provides source degeneration for the first transistor and improves distortion cancellation. The sizes of the second and third transistors are selected to reduce gain loss and achieve good linearity for the amplifier. The differential amplifier also may include a second side that functions similarly to the first side.

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  • Publication: Oct 4, 2007
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