Lightweight Hybrid Tubular/casting Instrument Panel Beam

  • Published: Jun 8, 2006
  • Earliest Priority: Dec 03 2004
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An instrument panel beam includes an elongated main member having a bent tubular configuration, and a plurality of structural supports connected to the member. The beam is formed of a lightweight material, such as a magnesium or aluminum alloy. The beam is preferably constructed utilizing a die-cast process, wherein at least a portion of the member is overmolded by each support so as to cooperatively form a soldered region therebetween.

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  • Publication: Jun 8, 2006
  • Application: Feb 18, 2005
    US US 6113205 A
  • Priority: Feb 18, 2005
    US US 6113205 A
  • Priority: Dec 3, 2004
    US US 63276004 P

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