Image Information Encoding Device And Method, And Image Infomation Decoding Device And Method

  • Published: Dec 8, 2005
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The present invention is directed to an image information encoding apparatus adapted for performing intra-image encoding on the basis of resolution of color components and color space of an input image signal. In the image information encoding apparatus ( 10 ), an intra prediction unit ( 23 ) serves to adaptively change block size in generating a prediction image on the basis of a chroma format signal indicating whether resolution of color components is that of any one of 4:2:0 format, 4:2:2 format and 4:4:4 format, etc., and a color space signal indicating whether color space is any one of YCbCr, RGB and XYZ, etc. In addition, an orthogonal transform unit ( 14 ) and a quantization unit ( 15 ) serve to also change orthogonal transform technique and quantization technique in accordance with the chroma format signal and the color space signal. A reversible encoding unit ( 16 ) encodes the chroma format signal and the color space signal to include the encoded signals thus obtained into image compressed information.

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  • Publication: Dec 8, 2005
  • Application: Mar 16, 2005
    US US 52792205 A
  • Priority: Jul 20, 2004
    JP 2004010317 W
  • Priority: Jul 18, 2003
    JP 2003277128 A

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