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Novispirins: Antimicrobial Peptides

  • Опубликовано: 27.06.2002
  • Семейство: 3
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  • Процитированный: 13
  • Процитированый: 0
  • Последовательности: 37
  • Информация: Полный техт Published Sequence

Novispirin peptides are antimicrobial agents with potent activity against Gram-negative bacteria. The peptides are nonhemolytic, exhibit reduced in vitro cytotoxicity relative to other antimicrobial peptides, and were well-tolerated in vivo after intravenous injection. Novispirins also bind lipopolysaccharide (LPS), a property that may mitigate symptoms associated with Gram-negative bacterial infection. A pharmaceutical composition comprising novispirin as an active agent is administered to a patient suffering from or predisposed to a microbial infection, particularly Gram-negative bacterial infections.

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  • Публикация: 27.06.2002
  • Заявка на изобретение: 19.04.2001
    US US 84000901 A
  • Приоретет: 19.04.2001
    US US 84000901 A
  • Приоретет: 28.06.2000
    US US 60685800 A

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