Secure Uniform Resource Locator System

  • Published: Aug 1, 2003
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A secure uniform resource locator system provides a dynamic URL that encodes information about the user wishing to transmit the URL, the underlying resource referenced, the desired target user or users, and a set of privileges or permissions the user wishes to grant the target user(s). The dynamic URL can be transferred by any number of methods (digital or otherwise) to any number of parties, some of whom may not or cannot be known beforehand. A meta-record is created for a specific resource that contains information that includes, but is not limited to: the user, the identifier for the resource, target user(s), and usage privileges for both the resource and the meta-record. The dynamic URL is encoded and references the meta-record and is partially or entirely random, and may encode some or all of the information stored in the meta-record. The invention, upon receipt of an HTTP request for the dynamic URL, authenticates the requestor. Whatever privileges are specified in the meta-record are granted to the requestor upon successful authentication.


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Document History
  • Publication: Aug 1, 2003
  • Application: Jan 16, 2001
    TW TW 90100163 A
  • Priority: Jan 3, 2000
    US US 17421400 P

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