Automatic Media Editing System

  • Published: Apr 11, 2002
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An automatic media editing system provides a capture area for a user where the invention elicits a performance from the user using audio and/or video cues and is automatically captured. The video and/or audio of the performance is recorded using a video camera that is automatically adjusted to the user's physical dimensions and position. The performance is analyzed for acceptability and the user is asked to re-perform the desired actions if the performance is unacceptable. The desired footage of the acceptable performance is automatically composited or edited onto a pre-recorded and/or dynamic media template footage and is rendered and stored for later delivery. The user selects the media template footage from a set of footage templates. An interactive display area is provided outside of the capture area where the user reviews the rendered footage and specifies the delivery medium.


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Document History
  • Publication: Apr 11, 2002
  • Application: Jan 3, 2001
    TW TW 90100159 A
  • Priority: Jan 3, 2000
    US US 17421400 P

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