Automatic Personalized Media Identification System

  • Published: Apr 11, 2002
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An automatic personalized media identification system automatically generates visual and/or auditory user IDs for messaging services. The user's video, stills, and/or audio representations are captured and are stored in a database along with any additional metadata. The invention parses the captured video, stills, and/or audio to create a, or a set of, representation(s) of the user which are stored in the database. Whenever another user receives an email or message from the user, the invention retrieves the user's appropriate ID representation stored in the database. There may be different ID representations depending on the communication, e.g., still picture for email, video for chat.


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Document History
  • Publication: Apr 11, 2002
  • Application: Jan 16, 2001
    TW TW 90100162 A
  • Priority: Jan 3, 2000
    US US 17421400 P

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