Use Of Cannabidiol In The Reduction Of Convulsive Seizure Frequency In Treatment-resistant Epilepsy

  • Published: Mar 16, 2016
  • Earliest Priority: Jun 17 2014
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Cannabidiol (CBD) for use in the treatment of epilepsy where the epilepsy is a treatment-resistant epilepsy (TRE) and where the CBD is present in an amount that reduces total convulsive seizure frequency by greater than 50% with respect to seizure frequency achieved on concomitant anti-epileptic drugs (AED). The TRE may especially be Dravet syndrome, myoclonic absence seizures, or febrile infection related epilepsy syndrome (FIRES). CBD may be administered in combination with two or more concomitant AEDs, especially clobazam, levetiracetam, topiramate, stiripentol, phenobarbital, lacsamide, valproic acid, zonisamide, perampanel, and fosphenytoin. An especially preferred AED is clobazam (Onfi). Preferably the dose of CBD is from 5 mg/kg/day to 25 mg/kg/day.


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  • Publication: Mar 16, 2016
  • Application: Jun 17, 2014
    GB GB 201410771 A
  • Priority: Jun 17, 2014
    GB GB 201410771 A

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