Stringed Musical Instrument

  • Published: Aug 16, 1972
  • Earliest Priority: Jan 20 1970
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1285542 Stringed musical instruments G B DAVIES 4 Jan 1971 [20 Jan 1970] 2698/70 Heading G5J A stringed musical instrument comprises a hollow sound box formed from two parts spanned internally by a sound post, and an external frame in loop form which carries the stringing and within which the sound box is attached. The sound box 5 may be made from vacuum moulded acrylic plastics parts 5a and 5b bonded with suitable acrylic adhesive. The frame 1 may be of aluminum, die-cast or as bent milled and heat-treated bar. The tailpiece 14 finger board 15 and bridge 11 may be of compression moulded phenolic plastics and the strings may be tuned by steel pegs 13 in nylon bushes to E, A, D, G, one octave below the violin. The instrument is played like a cello with the steel spike 16 resting on the floor.


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  • Publication: Aug 16, 1972
  • Application: Jan 20, 1970
    GB GB 269870 A
  • Priority: Jan 20, 1970
    GB GB 269870 A

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