Methods For Purifying Sialic Acid-specific Antibodies And Composition Comprising Affinity-purified Antibodies

  • Published: Dec 15, 2010
  • Earliest Priority: Jul 15 2003
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  • Cited Works: 47
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The present invention relates to a method of purifying sialic acid-specific antibodies, comprising the steps of: (a) preparing antibodies to sialic acids; (b) contacting the antibodies from step (a) with a first solid phase to which a sialic having a side chain has been attached; and (c) contacting the antibodies that bound to the first solid phase with a second solid phase to which the sialic acid without the side chain has been attached.


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  • Publication: Dec 15, 2010
  • Application: Jul 14, 2004
    EP EP 10175798 A
  • Priority: Jul 14, 2004
    EP EP 04778092 A
  • Priority: Jul 15, 2003
    US US 48753303 P

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