Antibodies Derived From Anti Ed-b Antibody L19 And Targeting Tumor Vasculature


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The present invention relates to selectively targeting tumoral vasculature in vivo using a human recombinant scFv, L19, to the angiogenesis marker ED-B domain of fibronectin. In preferred embodiments, a complete human IgG1 is employed having the variable regions of L19. In other embodiments is employed a mini-immunoglobulin generated by fusing the scFv L19 to the constant CH4 domain of a secretory IgE isoform that naturally contains a cysteine in its COOH terminal and which forms a covalently linked dimer. Different in vivo behaviour of the antibody formats is exploitable for different diagnostic and/or therapeutic purposes, depending on clinical needs and disease. The antibody molecules may be labelled as described.


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  • Publication: Apr 14, 2010
  • Application: Mar 11, 2003
    EP EP 09014159 A
  • Priority: Mar 11, 2003
    EP EP 03715180 A
  • Priority: Mar 11, 2002
    US US 36304502 P

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